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HOCL Cleaner with Rechargeable Atomizer Sprayer Kit

HOCL Cleaner with Rechargeable Atomizer Sprayer Kit

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Includes 32oz disinfectant sanitizer ready to use. Just add water and packet of Solutions HOCL SuperWash HOCL Powder. Comes with two (2) .5 gram packets (1 gram total) 

Solutions HOCL helps individuals and  businesses take control of creating a safe environment to live, work and play with a variety of intelligent cleaning and sanitization systems.

PowerWash is a highly effective, cleaner and sanitizer made of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL). 100 more effective than bleach.  Google "HOCL vs Bleach" to find out more. Clean in an uncertain world. 

HOCL is also non-corrosive to surfaces, non-toxic to humans or pets and a 100 times more potent than toxic cleaners and bleaches.

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