Eco-Friendly Catchment Tank Cleaner

SolutionsHOCL Catchment Bomb is the World’s Best Catchment & Cistern Tank Cleaner. It is “Powered by HOCl” ™”.  SolutionsHOCL’s Catchment Tank Cleaner uses the active ingredient of HOCl, which the “World Health Organization states is the Best Water Cleaner” available. Just Google to Confirm this Fact.

How does SolutionsHOCL work to clean up your Catchment Tank?

The Unhealthy Targets that we want to eliminate or neutralize, protect themselves by generating a negative electrical force field.

  • They are also at a Neutral pH so they reject anything that is too Alkaline.
  • Bleach and other cleaning chemicals have a Negative Electrical Charge.
  • What happens when two negative poles of a magnet are put together? They REPEL each other!
  • So when you use bleach or other cleaning chemicals they REPEL each other & the bleach is ineffective because it has a Negative Electrical Charge.
  • The bleach and other cleaning chemicals are also REPELLED because they have a HIGH pH of 11 or higher, so the target cells repel them even more.

Customer Feedback

Our Customers have notified us that they are also putting some of the Catchment Tank Cleaner in there rain gutters so that they are Ultra Purified as well. This even cleans out the pipe that leads into your catchment tank. Go HOCL Go!