Eco-Friendly Cistern Tank Cleaner

SolutionsHOCL Cistern Bomb is the World’s Best Catchment & Cistern Tank Cleaner. It is “Powered by HOCl” ™”.  and formulated to Deep Clean your Cistern Tank and removed all the growing things in your Cistern Tank.

How does SolutionsHOCL work to clean up your Catchment Tank?

“Our Eco-Friendly Cistern Tank Cleaner is made for all rainwater tanks designed to supply fresh, purified drinking and bathing water”.
We manufacture HypoPower “Powered by HOCl” Cleaning Products in Hawaii and our Hawaiian Customers are very happy with the results.
We are in all the major health food stores on The Big Island of Hawaii, and would love for you to experience the incredibly amazing results that our Cistern and Catchment Tank Cleaner provides.  We use HOCl in our proprietary formulation and it works so well that The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends HOCL as the most efficacious water cleaning solution available on the Planet.