Power Cleaner HOCL

Solutions HOCL™ is the perfect cleaning solution to fight against tough stains caused by mold or mildew as a sanitation method for your Facility, Industrial areas and Home.

We formulate a solution for a child and pet-friendly environment. Solutions HOCL™ aggressively cleans the toughest problems faced by today's facilities, industrial settings, homes, or anyone looking for the cleanest solution possible.

Why Choose HOCL?

Powerful HOCL Cleaner

HOCL is 100 times more effective than bleach! HOCL is the most powerful oxidant in the chlorine family. Google "HOCL vs bleach" to confirm this fact.

Planet, Child & Pet Friendly

HOCL is naturally created in our immune system and is created by our white blood cells, or neutrophils, and is used to kill invading pathogens in our body.

Aggressive & Effective

HOCL has a neutral charge that penetrates cell walls, unlike bleach, which has a negative charge that is repelled by the negative charged cell wall - HOCL penetrates easily with a neutral charge.

Remove Stain from Mold & Mildew

Just spray and away they go! That's easy. Try it yourself and find out how amazing a product it is. Guaranteed Results!

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Environment, Pet & Child Friendly Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) has been shown to be as much as 100 times more effective than household bleach (NAOCL). Just Google "HOCL vs bleach" and see for yourself.

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100 Times more Effective than bleach!
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