103 Times more Effective than bleach! Google “HOCL vs bleach” to Confirm this Fact

Great Value as well!
for the cost of one gallon of liquid HOCL, you receive enough Solutions HOCL Powder to make TEN (10) gallons of liquid HOCL

Power Clean with HOCL

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Why Choose Solutions HOCL?

Solutions HOCL™ is 103 Times More Effective & Solutions HOCL™ Powder is a Better Value – a One gram packet makes 10 gallons of Liquid Solutions HOCL at a Fraction of the Cost!

Solutions HOCL™ Powder also stores easier and forever!

It's all about the Molecular Charge

Hypochlorous acid is one of the most effective known cleaning agents. This weak acid with the chemical name HOCL is the same chemical produced by the human immune system to kill invasive organisms and fight infection!We replicate the human immune system by producing Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) through a proprietary electro-dialysis (ED) process, using specialized salt and highly filtered tropical rain water.

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  • Planet, Child & Pet Friendly

    A solution for a child and pet-friendly environment

  • Remove Mold & Milder Odor & Stain

    100 times more effective than bleach, alcohol, or ammonia-based cleaners

  • Powerful HOCL Cleaner

    Easy to use and handle, HOCL has a neutral charge that penetrates cell walls, unlike bleach

  • Aggressive & Effective

    HOCL has a neutral charge that penetrates cell walls, unlike bleach

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Our Customers Stories

A quick spray on wood with no scrubbing, wiping or rinsing off !

— Lee the Yard Service owner

"Works great for hard to reach nooks and crannies inside and outside. Great for cleaning dark stains on the shower curtain and doors - just spray and it's gone."

— Katie the homeowner in tropical rainforest Hawaii