Eco-Friendly Catchment Tank Cleaner

  • Enhanced Efficacy Against Contaminants

    SolutionsHOCl® harnesses the antimicrobial properties of a sodium-based compound (NaDCC), which releases hypochlorous acid (HOCl) upon dissolution in water. This transformation results in a robust oxidizing effect, superior in stability compared to the hypochlorite ion typically found in bleach. The enhanced stability of HOCl allows for more effective disruption of microbial cell structures, thereby enhancing cleaning effectiveness. We invite you to explore our Scientific Studies section, which includes over 55 studies detailing the efficacy of NaDCC and HOCl as cleaning agents.

  • Broad-Spectrum Applications

    Leveraging its stable and powerful oxidizing properties, SolutionsHOCl® is versatile across a range of cleaning tasks including water tanks, toilet facilities, laundry, dishes in dishwashers, and even as a produce cleaner. It is adept at meeting the rigorous cleaning demands of both residential and industrial environments, ensuring comprehensive sanitation and maintenance of high hygiene standards.

  • Safe and Efficient Sanitization Method

    Formulated for high-efficiency cleaning, SolutionsHOCl® also emphasizes safety and environmental considerations. The conversion of NaDCC to HOCl mitigates the risks of corrosiveness and harmful by-products typically associated with conventional bleach, offering a safer and environmentally friendlier alternative. This makes it ideally suited for effective cleaning tasks without compromising safety and environmental integrity.


Why Choose Solutions HOCL?

Solutions HOCL™ is 103 Times More Effective & Solutions HOCL™ Powder is a Better Value – a One gram packet makes one (1) gallons of 150 ppm Liquid Solutions HOCL at a Fraction of the Cost!

Solutions HOCL™ Powder also stores easier and forever!

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It's all about the Molecular Charge

Hypochlorous acid is one of the most effective known cleaning agents. This weak acid with the chemical name HOCL is the same chemical produced by the human immune system to protect and enforce the immune system! We replicate the human immune system by producing Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) through a proprietary processing system in our laboratory and use simple elements and ingredients in a complex manufacturing process to make this exceptional formulation. We include Proprietary Ingredients to make it the World's Best Cleaning Agent.

Clean with Nature's Magic for the 100% Guaranteed Best Results

  • Planet, Child & Pet Friendly

    A solution for a child and pet-friendly environment

  • Remove Mold & Milder Odor & Stain

    103 times more effective than bleach, alcohol, or ammonia-based cleaners

  • Powerful HOCL Cleaner

    Easy to use and handle, HOCL has a neutral charge that penetrates, unlike bleach

  • Aggressive & Effective

    HOCL has a neutral charge that penetrates cell walls, unlike bleach

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solutions hocl vs bleach

103 Times more Effective than bleach! Google “HOCL vs bleach” to Confirm this Fact

Great Value as well!
for the cost of one gallon of liquid HOCL, you receive enough Solutions HOCL Powder to make TEN (10) gallons of liquid HOCL

Power Clean with HOCL

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Our Customers Stories

hocl wood cleaner

A quick spray on wood with no scrubbing, wiping or rinsing off !

— Lee the Yard Service owner

hocl door cleaner

"Works great for hard to reach nooks and crannies inside and outside. Great for cleaning dark stains on the shower curtain and doors - just spray and it's gone."

— Katie the homeowner in tropical rainforest Hawaii

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find your products locally?

Use our Store Locator tool on the website to find retail locations in Hawaii that carry our products.
We are now going Nationwide + US Territories and will be adding more stores soon

How often should I use the Catchment Cleaner?

Answer: we recommend once a month as the water coming off your roof and gutters has bird droppings and grime, so you want to keep the water clean. The HOCL will keep it clean for 30 days

What are catchment/cistern tanks used for?

Catchment or cistern tanks are used for collecting and storing rainwater for various uses such as irrigation, drinking water, and household needs.

How do I maintain and clean my cistern tank?

Regular cleaning with appropriate cistern cleaning products and annual inspections are recommended to maintain your cistern tank in good condition.

Can HOCl be used on all surfaces in my home?

Yes, HOCl is safe to use on most surfaces, including countertops, appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

What makes general-purpose cleaners effective?

General-purpose cleaners contain ingredients that can tackle a wide range of dirt and grime on various surfaces, making them versatile and convenient.

 How often should I use toilet bowl cleaners?

For best results, use toilet bowl cleaners weekly or as needed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Can I use your laundry detergents with all types of washing machines?

Yes, our laundry detergents are compatible with both standard and high-efficiency (HE) washing machines.

Where can I buy HOCl products?

You can purchase HOCl products directly from our website or from Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, and most major eCommerce platforms, plus local Hawaiian retailers listed on our Store Locator. We are now launching SolutionsHOCL Nationwide + all USA Territories.

Does HOCl smell like chlorine?

HOCl has a light chlorine-like smell, but it is milder than traditional bleach.

How do I use spray bottles with powder packets?

Fill the spray bottle with water, add the powder packet, shake well, and use as directed for effective cleaning.
This solution will be ~150 ppm which is fine for almost all cleaning. In many Countries HOCL is used for surgical equipment and that would be at a 500 ppm solution.