Solutions HOCL Power Cleaner Applications in Education House & Worship Areas

Power Cleaner HOCL in Education Sectors

Schools, Daycare Facilities, Nurseries and Universitiescan be a haven for germs, and it’s not uncommon for viral and bacterial illnesses to spread quickly, leaving students and employees off sick.

By using a high-level and powerful cleaner like Power Wash HOCL, you’ll be protecting both staff and students from issues in today's uncertain world.

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Bring the Power Clean with HOCL Home

At SolutionsHOCL we’ve harnessed the cleaning power of hypochlorous acid, but sized it for use at home by providing a liquid or powder version - no harmful chemicals, residues or fumes. It’s gentle enough to use around children, animals, and environmentally friendly. Power Wash HOCL from SolutionsHOCL can be used to replace deodorizers, bleach, kitchen, bath, glass, and rug cleaners.

Great for cleans mold & mildew stains on shower curtains!

Try our Organic Lemon Scented version for outstanding results. Or add one of our other three scents to help keep things clean in an uncertain world.

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Power Cleaner HOCL in Worship Areas

Staying safe today is no easy task. Let your gatherings happen and make sure they stay safe with Power Wash HOCL combined with a cold fogger. A powerful combination in an uncertain world. Whether for a ceremony, prayer, or a different reason entirely, such gatherings can introduce issues which can spread quickly among worshipers. As with other public spaces, Power Wash HOCL has been proven effective at controlling the spread of pesky issues and eliminating them entirely.

Add one of our four scents to make any gathering a clean and wonderful scented one.

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“Outer order contributes to inner calm.”

- Gretchen Ruben

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