Power Cleaner HOCl use in Restaurants

Stringent cleaning and sanitation procedures:

They are critical to breaking transmission cycles of the stains caused by mold and mildew. Regular spraying of surface areas will rid your areas of unwanted conditions. Hypochlorous acid is recognized as a very powerful cleaner for all food-handling surfaces including cutting boards, utensils, and countertops.

Food Handling uses:

Food prep areas, cutting boards, all produce, food processing facilities, all contact surfaces, tools, and equipment.

Cleaning Strategy:

Hypochlorous acid is used on food contact surfaces at concentrations as high as 200 ppm. Frequently spray all contact surfaces to eliminate stains created by all mold, bacteria, and spores. Use misters in the produce department. This will also limit issues from customers handling the produce. Here is the Department of Health of Hawaii Food Safety Card and Chlorine recommendation. HOCL is Free Available Chlorine.

Use in common areas and tables as needed to keep surfaces clean and ready to use for the next customer.

Food preparation areas; nonmetallic equipment, containers, consumption utensils, work surfaces, stainless steel (catering grade)

It removes grease, dirt, and oil deposits from virtually all surfaces, cleans without scrubbing, and does not leave a residue, such as with other chemicals.

Top overlooked food safety & interior establishment concerns.

1. Warm/Cold storage areas.

2. Improper produce handling

3. Poor ice machine sanitation

4. Unclean self-service areas

5. Drink dispensers must be kept clean

6. Silver and dinnerware sanitized properly

7. Employee hygiene

8. Counters, tables, and door handles

9. Bathrooms

We provide Solutions HOCL for cleaning and sanitizing all the above!

With the power of Power Clean with HOCL in a convenient powder pack just add 1 gram in the bleach receiver in your washer and it'll brighten your whites like never before and get that smell out that's so hard to remove.


Make your white's hypo bright!

NOTE: NOT recommended for the non-white fabric.