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Solutions HOCL® Welcomes Island Naturals - Hilo as an Authorized Retailer for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Hilo, Hawaii – December 28 - Solutions HOCL®, the leading provider of eco-friendly HOCL cleaning and purification solutions, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Island Naturals - Hilo. As a dedicated advocate of green living and organic foods, Island Naturals - Hilo is now an Authorized Retail Outlet for Solutions HOCL's environmentally-friendly products. These include the powerful  and revolutionary “Catchment Bomb” Tank Cleaner - the “Catchment”, and the efficient Solutions HOCL Laundry Detergent, all under the HypoPower and Solutions HOCL Brands.

Catchment Bomb

The Catchment Bomb, the 500-gram value-priced treatment designed for catchment tanks, is a game-changer in water purification. Capable of treating 25,000 gallons, this eco-friendly solution, powered by hypochlorous acid (HOCl) crystals, neutralizes mold and mildew odors and stains while effectively eliminating contaminants from catchment tank water. Our Catchment Tank Cleaner is “103 times more effective than bleach”. Google "HOCL vs bleach" to confirm this fact. Solutions HOCL takes pride in offering an efficient and environmentally safe solution, as recognized by its groundbreaking Catchment Bomb. Google "HOCL is the World's best catchment tank cleaner" to confirm this fact.

We are excited to partner with Island Naturals - Hilo

A pioneer in natural and organic living. Solutions HOCL is committed to delivering effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and Island Naturals - Hilo aligns perfectly with our values, said Rick Henry Cabados, the Founder of Solutions HOCL.

In addition to the “Catchment Bomb” Tank Cleaner, Solutions HOCL and HypoPower offers a range of cutting-edge cleaning solutions for homes, including HOCL Laundry Detergents that neutralizes mold and mildew odors and stains while effectively cleaning your clothes.

“Whiter Whites with HOCL Laundry Detergents.”  Plus our HOCL Toilet Bowl Cleaner for pristine ultra home cleaning. Google "HOCL is the World's best cleaner" to Confirm these Facts. They also provide Spa and Pool Cleaners to create the perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

Customers are encouraged to explore the HypoPower and Solutions HOCL Brand Catchment Tank Cleaner and Laundry Detergent products now available at Island Naturals - Hilo and provide valuable feedback on their experience with these innovative eco-friendly products. Express your interest in additional Solutions HOCL offerings, as we continue to prioritize eco-conscious cleaning solutions.

For more information, please contact Island Naturals - Hilo at (808) 935-7411 or via email at Visit the store to discover a wide selection of natural and organic foods, supplements, and unique products.

  • About Island Naturals - Hilo:

    Island Naturals - Hilo, a dedicated promoter of green living and high-quality natural and organic foods since 1997, is located in Hilo. The store offers a diverse selection of groceries, supplements, herbs, and remedies, emphasizing natural and organic criteria.

  • About Solutions HOCL®

    Solutions HOCL stands at the forefront of eco-friendly cleaning and purification solutions. Our products, powered by hypochlorous acid (HOCl), are renowned for their effectiveness and safety. The Catchment Bomb™ Tank Cleaner, “103 times more effective than bleach,”, and Laundry Detergent are among our innovative solutions designed to create a healthier environment.

Cleanliness Isn't Just a Choice, It's a Lifestyle!

With HypoPower and Solutions HOCL Brands, you're choosing more than cleaning products – you're choosing a healthier lifestyle and a healthier Planet. Our commitment to a Cleaner Future is reflected in every HOCL Product we manufacture right here in Hawaii.

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