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Planes, Buses, Cruise Ships, Taxis, Subways and Rental Cars

We offer a variety of scents but can custom make scents that work for you. Pineapple or Coconut for that holiday tropical location just waiting to offer more to a visiting customer. Make the experience more than most and enjoyed it by all.

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Power Cleaner HOCL use in HealthCare

From pharmacies and clinics to large hospitals and research labs, cleanliness is essential for keeping staff and patients healthy.

The beauty of PowerWash HOCL is that it achieves truly outstanding results without the need to use potentially hazardous chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for where patients are constantly present, but strict cleanliness must still be observed. And add one of four lovely scents to help make the day that much brighter.

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Power Cleaner HOCL use in Leisure

As you’d expect, leisure centers can harbor a lot of nasty issues introduced and spread by users.

It’s almost impossible to prevent this outright, so the best solution is to eradicate these issues before they gain a foothold. This is where PowerWash HOCL comes in, as PowerWash HOCL is effective at combatting the most common issues found in leisure facilities.