HOCl Pool Bomb Use in Swimming Pools

  • Concentration and Dosage: Lower concentration due to larger water volume, with a steadier usage rate.
  • Frequency of Application: Application frequency might be lower due to the larger water volume and generally lower temperatures.
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Temperature Considerations

Cooler temperatures result in slower dissipation of HOCl.

pH Management

pH balance is crucial for the effectiveness of HOCl.

Impact of Other Chemicals

Consideration of the interactions between HOCl and other pool chemicals.

Safety Precautions

Adherence to safety guidelines for HOCl application.

Handling Shock Treatments

Necessary for maintaining water quality, though with different frequency and amount compared to spas.

Environmental Factors

Outdoor pools are affected by sunlight, rain, and debris, influencing HOCl management.

Water Replacement

Requires water replacement, typically on a less frequent schedule than spas.

Educating Users

Encourage good hygiene practices among pool users to maintain water quality.