Will HOCl Maintain and Clean Your Water Cistern?

Will HOCl Maintain and Clean Your Water Cistern?

First, here is an overview on what HOCl is and its effectiveness:
HOCl (hypochlorous acid) is 100 to 200 times superior to bleach for water source cleaning due to its effectiveness and safety. Unlike bleach, HOCl is a weak acid and a potent cleaning agent with strong anti-contaminant properties. It efficiently eliminates contaminants, without producing harmful byproducts. Additionally, HOCl is safe for humans and the environment.

Cisterns serve as crucial water storage devices for individuals residing in areas where well water isn't abundant or palatable. As cistern owners, it's your responsibility to ensure that your cistern remains safe for storing drinking water. To help you out, here's a detailed guide on how to maintain and clean your water cistern.

Ensuring Your Cistern's Structural Integrity

Ensuring Your Cistern's Structural Integrity

Normally built from concrete, cisterns should be solid and leak-proof. It's paramount to check for possible weaknesses in your cistern's structure, such as cracks and deteriorating sealants.

To maintain structural integrity, make sure to:

  • Shield from pests and runoff: Implement preventive measures to block pests and avoid surface water runoff into the cistern.
  • Conduct annual checks: Inspect your cistern every year for signs of damage or contamination, including sediment, cracks, or ill-fitted lids. Undertake necessary repairs and clean promptly.
  • Use suitable materials: Only construction materials safe for storing drinking water should be used in building your cistern.
Prioritizing Safe Water Refill Practices
Prioritizing Safe Water Refill Practices

Filling your cistern with potable water is critical. Potable water haulers, who usually source water from municipal supplies, undergo rigorous inspections to ensure safety.

To guarantee your water is safe:
  • Opt for approved water haulers: Ensure your water hauler is approved by relevant authorities. Feel free to call your local Public Health to verify.
  • Avoid rainwater: Never direct rainwater into the cistern, as it might be contaminated with organisms, dust, chemical residues, or bird droppings.
Implementing Thorough Cistern Cleaning Procedures
Implementing Thorough Cistern Cleaning Procedures

Over time, your cistern will accumulate debris and sediment. Cleaning it every 2-3 years is crucial to keeping your water safe. We recommend having a two- to three-day supply of bottled water (about 1.5 liters per person per day) before you begin cleaning.

Here are the steps to clean your cistern:
  • Empty the cistern: Begin by draining all the water from your cistern.
  • Clean the interior: Remove all sediment and debris from the inside of your cistern. Note that this should be performed by trained professionals as cisterns can be considered confined spaces, potentially hazardous due to gases or low oxygen levels.
  • Bleach the cistern: After cleaning, ensure to use an HOCl cleaning solution to deep clean your cistern.  You can dissolve 2 grams of the HOCl “Cistern Cleaner” in a gallon of water to make a 250 ppm cleaning solution.

The Power of HOCl

HOCl, or Hypochlorous Acid, is the active ingredient that sets HypoPower apart from traditional cleaning solutions. This compound is a powerful oxidant that has been proven to be "103 Times More Effective than bleach." When compared to bleach, HOCl not only demonstrates superior cleaning capabilities but also stands out as a safe and Eco-Friendly option for purifying rainwater in cistern tanks.
Google “HOCl vs bleach” to confirm HOCl is 100 to 200 times more effective than bleach.  You can also research to see HOCl is touted by the World Health Organization as being the best purifier of contaminated drinking water.

How does HOCl work?
How does HOCl work?

Our specially formulated Hypochlorous Acid maintains a neutral pH, targeting bacteria and contaminants like bird droppings with powerful oxidation. Backed by over 55 Scientific Studies and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, it's recognized by the World Health Organization as the Best Water Purifier. Google "HOCL World's Best Catchment Tank Cleaner" to Confirm this Fact.
Deep Cleaning of Catchment Tanks
Deep Cleaning of Catchment Tanks

Solutions HOCL® Catchment Cleaner, the leading product in our lineup, is specifically formulated for deep cleaning catchment tanks. Over time, catchment tanks can accumulate various undesirable elements like algae, mold, and harmful substances. learn more

Our Catchment Tank Cleaner, Powered by HOCl, efficiently tackles these issues, ensuring that your catchment tank remains pristine and your stored water stays pure.

For more information, click the link of Cistern Cleaner for clean, safe water.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes HOCl's efficacy as a water-cleaning solution.


In conclusion, as a cistern owner, it's your responsibility to maintain your cistern and protect your Family’s water source. Solutions HOCL "Powered by HOCl" Cistern Tank Cleaner is the unrivaled solution for maintaining a fresh and purified water supply.

Make the switch to Solutions HOCL® today and experience the astounding results our Hawaiian customers talk about. Say goodbye to impurities and embrace a cleaner, healthier water source for your everyday needs.
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